Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy represents our core investing beliefs, which serve as the foundation for all of the strategies that we implement. We see a fundamentally consistent approach as a key contributor to successful investing.

Investing in Private Markets

AssetBlock believes that due to a lack of standardized and free flowing information in private markets, they are inefficient compared to public markets. Isolated parties, regulations, limited ways to communicate and validate information all contribute to this environment. However, this environment is ripe with opportunities, particularly in real estate, but only if you can navigate the challenges. These investments are often hard to find and evaluate, have long term holding periods, and limited liquidity, but in exchange these opportunities offer high total returns with significant yield components. AssetBlock structures strategies which take advantage of these characteristics.

Guided by Experts with Knowledge and Experience

Recognizing the complex nature of the markets we invest in and the information constraints that exist, AssetBlock works with experts who can fill the gaps based on their deep knowledge bases and expertise. These specialists may come from a wide set of backgrounds in different asset classes, market sectors, regions, and roles depending on the strategy that they are helping to execute. This focused specific expertise gives AssetBlock an important edge.

Taking Calculated Risks Based on High Conviction Ideas

Risk is necessary for returns, but not all risk adds value. AssetBlock believes in taking risks where we have strong beliefs and the potential for outsized returns. We found our beliefs in data validated strategies that have been rigorously tested and debated by our investment team. Based on these convictions, both moderate approaches and aggressive positioning (when warranted) are viable avenues to deliver results.

Improving Private Markets

Beyond pursuing private market investment opportunities, AssetBlock strives to contribute to private market efficiency by uncovering relevant investment information and making it more readily available now and into the future. This has the potential to benefit AssetBlock by improving the transparency and therefore reducing risk or increasing the value of its investment, but also benefits the market as a whole through incremental improvement.

Applying Blockchain Technology for the Benefit of All

AssetBlock believes that blockchain technology has the potential to be a transformative market force. Cryptocurrency has demonstrated a rapidly increasing capital pool and store of value. We believe in the long-term potential of cryptocurrency and facilitate investments that take advantage of this secular trend. More broadly, blockchain technology is being successfully used in a wide variety of applications. We apply blockchain technology within our investment platform to help make information more fluid and systems more efficient. As these technologies mature, they will increase scalability and access while decreasing costs and friction, which will make markets more efficient. With greater efficiency and scale, access can also increase to include a broader more diverse set of investors, which will benefit all participants.