A Better Investment

Access quality real estate investments formerly reserved for institutional investors.

A New Perspective

Real estate is the world's largest asset class, but the existing private investment market is exclusionary and inefficient for investors. We've partnered with established real estate professionals to provide unprecedented access and efficiency.

The Old Way

  • Investors seek out hard-to-find opportunities by themselves.
  • Opportunities disappear quickly, are hard to assess, and have high minimums.
  • Investments are gated by advisors that aren't incentivized to offer them.
  • Any investments are locked up for 7+ years with limited transparency.

The assetblock Way

  • A clear path to invest in curated opportunities from our world-class sponsors, all accessible in one place.
  • You control your risk profile while enjoying smaller minimums and lower fees.
  • Diversify into real estate without risking the potential returns from your crypto holdings.
  • Earlier potential liquidity through cutting-edge technology.
  • Leverage your crypto holdings or invest with cash.

A Solid Foundation

Our core values drive our business, our products, and most importantly, our commitment to you.


Our network of world-class real estate professionals provide once-exclusive investments to you coupled with modern financial services.


With Algorand’s technology at our core, we're bringing accountability and efficiency to real estate investment. We believe in contributing to a global, borderless economy.


You will have all the information necessary to make your own informed decision about how and where you invest your wealth.


Our systems are built to exceed the most rigorous standards, worthy of trust by institutions and family offices across the globe.

A Pioneering Protocol

The needs of the financial services industry are evolving, with a clear desire for more efficient transactions, scalability, and transparency. Algorand is defining a new standard for a borderless economy by implementing the first blockchain supporting the scale, open participation, and certainty required for the global adoption of billions of users. assetblock is dedicated to using Algorand’s blockchain technology to ensure that our products meet the needs of a modern investor.


assetblock is partnering with best-in-class technology and real estate professionals. For our real estate offerings, we perform exhaustive due diligence in our selection process, not only on the assets, but on the sponsors themselves before their offerings are available to our investors.

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