Leverage your assets

Innovative Financing Solutions

The assetblock platform brings lenders, borrowers, and real estate partners together to form one cohesive team.

  • Retain your Holdings

    Borrow against the value of your assets without liquidating them.

  • Diversify with Confidence

    Add trusted, high-quality real estate investments to your portfolio.

  • Mitigate Risk

    Receive better lending terms than typical crypto-loans with stable and less risky real estate holdings.

Paths to Diversification

Diversification is a universally-encouraged portfolio management technique to reduce risk. assetblock's innovative approach adds real estate exposure for investors with an option to invest with cash, digital assets, or by leveraging digital asset holdings.

Hedge Against the Downside

When your digital assets are doing well, you don't want to miss out. With assetblock, investors leveraging their digital assets to invest in real estate wouldn't have to.


Sources: REIT Index BTC Index

Most importantly, if the currency experiences a downturn, the combined portfolio of real estate and digital assets may improve investors' return by buffering against crypto losses.


Sources: REIT Index BTC Index

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