Raising Capital with AssetBlock

Lower Your Cost of Capital

  • Expand Your Capital Pool

    Grow your business by accessing family offices and qualified investors who are aligned and ready to invest.

  • A Supportive Ally

    We take the time to understand your business and offer flexible terms per deal so each capital raise is simple and smooth.

  • You Hold the Keys

    You operate your business, we help make it more efficient with our partner-focused process.

Access to New Funding Sources

Family Offices

We have developed a strong network of family offices, who are interested in better real estate investments and have the capacity to make substantial investments.

Qualified Individuals

Successful individuals are looking for new investment opportunities and are eager to expand their real estate allocation with your partnership.

Become a Sponsor

We're expanding our partner network of world-class commercial real estate experts.

We look forward to being introduced and working with you. To help set expectations, these are the things we will look to understand better:

  • Historical Performance
  • Team and Firm Culture
  • Investment Thesis
  • Current Portfolio
  • Case Studies